Smoothie Makers Reviews
Why You Need Smoothie Maker Product:

To prepare mashed potatoes or juices from vegetables, fruits and berries is not difficult. In addition, you can do this in several way with many devices, the juice quickly oxidizes or undergoes heating, this degrades its quality. The new device in the range of household juicers is designed to make a useful juice with pulp, it is called Smoothie Makers Blender. It is possible to judge from them how useful the device at your Kitchen Room.

Features of Smoothie Makers

Smoothie Makers not only prepares fruit puree, but also whacks it with other ingredients. Delicious and useful cocktail is obtained in it in a matter of minutes. Manufacturers are trying to give the device a futuristic design, thanks to Smoothie Makers in your kitchen is also an ornament of the interior. If you become a happy owner of this device, you do not want to remove it somewhere, believe me

Principle of Operation

This device consists of a Tritan or PC bowl rotating around its axis. Stability provides a solid base, a wide frame and reliable suckers, which Smoothie Makers is fixed on the table. The Tritan Cups is attached directly to the head with Blades, and that, in turn, rotates 360 degrees around the frame at high speed, with the blades rotating in the horizontal plane, grinding the fruit. Blades made of high-quality stainless steel are made and instantly chop any pulp. To prepare smoothies, thoroughly wash berries and fruits, peel solid apples and pears from the skin. Berries can be put whole. Disconnect the octagonal glass of Smoothie Makers and one by one put fruit in it, add ice, sugar, mint and other ingredients. Connect the glass to the unit and just turn it over. The blender will start automatically. Fruits and berries are crushed and whipped together with sugar, ice, cream. The speed of cooking depends on the size of the fruit and berries, the presence of ice and the hardness of the products. At the end of work, disconnect the container with a mash. Your healthy and nutritious breakfast is ready. In this form, smoothies can be served on the table.


The device is equipped with additional attachments for grinding of some products and bowls for cleaning. Possibility of additional capacity. The volume of a large cup is 500 ml, this is enough for a snack. All containers are equipped with plastic lids, preparing a cocktail, you can save it or take it with you. In the box with the device there must be an instruction and a book of recipes.

After Smoothie finished

You just need to wash the glass. Use a special bowl to clean the blades. The device is powered from the mains, unplug the cord after the end of work. Place the appliance on a flat surface only. Ensure that it is smooth and clean for better fixing. Leave space for rotation. Each time, connecting the bowl, check to see if it is firmly entrenched. Do not put the Tritan bowl in the freezer, in order to avoid spoilage. The container for smoothies is easy to clean in a dishwasher, so that it breaks accidentally, try to fix it. Do not put products in the blender that are not intended for grinding. Carefully read the instructions. These tips are enough for the device to serve you faithfully for a long time.