Introduction Egg Boiler


Introduction Egg Boiler


Voltage: 220-240V


Power: 350 Watts




Simultaneous cooking 1 to 7 eggs from "boiled" to "hard-boiled."




       Switch On and Switch Off, With LED Light indicator; transparent plastic cover, horn closure operation, cord length: From 0.6 to 0.75 m cord compartment.




Accessories: Plastic Water Pan, a measuring cup for water with a needle to pierce the shell of Egg Outside




Color: Base: Silver; Cover: Transparent, PP Plastic




Consumer Analysis:




The name of the device usually brings a smile: why else would such a simple technique in action! However, all is not so simple, and you will agree with this, if you remember how many times the eggs burst during cooking, and it always turned out to cook them "boiled", as many people love. After all, it is necessary to wait until the water in a saucepan with Eggs Boil, and then, his eyes, follow the clockwise, fearing that extra second miss the bus. Besides eggs in Egg Boiler obtained tastier: they cook it for a couple, while in the pan when cooking water coming through the shell Moreover, Egg Boiler can optionally egg cook "runny" or "in the bag" - to achieve such nuances in conventional pulping process is obtained only accidentally.




In cell device can be put from 1 to 7 eggs. Using the supplied special cup, calibrated in dependence on the amount and degree of cooking eggs, water is poured into the tank. Glass has another trick - it is to pierce the needle of the shell: the punctured hole through excess pressure inside the egg, resulting in heating, will be discharged, and the egg will not crack or spilled. After that you only cover the lid and switch on. And more can not twitch: those eggs boiled, you will notify beep.



The instrument is designed for cooking eggs of all sizes including quite large.