How to Choose Crepe Maker
How to Choose Crepe Maker

Pancake with dimples, is a flat surface with a circular recess that allows multiple bake pancakes. Recesses can be 2, 4 or 6. Please select the desired number of notches, depending on your family members and the rate of consumption of sweet pastries. On average, Two recesses is enough for a family with 2or 3 members of your family, However, you can choose 4 or 6 indentations. Just remember that the more Recesses in Crepe Maker, so it is more bigger in size and the greater its power consumption. Among other advantages include the availability of non-stick coating on the surface, and automatic exposure heating temperature, Fans of non-standard approach to the usual things, we can recommend to choose Crepe Maker with smiley face, which deepen the same shape as emoticon.


In general, the selection main criteria we have identified in the previous section at this article, but here let's briefly go over the main points that will decide what is best Electric Crepe Maker for you:


1) How many pancakes planned to bake at a time? need a flat model with a large surface area, designed for one pancake or crepe with a number of recesses. By the way, it is possible to buy Crepe Machine with removable panels - changing them, you will be able to bake instead of two big four small pancakes. Agree, it is very convenient.


2) Power unit, Crepe Maker, designed for 6 pancakes, consumes more electricity. Typically, the device consumes four recesses with 800W, six one with 1200W. And if you compare them with the flat model, the unit with the Recess consume more energy.


3) It depends on the size of the kitchen space. If a large pancake place in a small kitchen, it will always interfere, causing dissatisfaction hostess.


4) The presence of non-stick coating, very good property, allowing not only low calorie and low fat baked pancakes, but also and for all get rid of them stick to the bottom. For example, Crepe Machine in addition to having a Teflon non-stick coating, still has a heating indicator in the form of red circle, which signals the hostess of the heating surface.


5) The presence of a temperature sensor for temperature control heating, this point is important, so that, Please do not burn the pancakes.


6) Do not be amiss to the presence of complete scoop, it is calculated on the amount of dough for one pancake. Thus, there is no need to experiment with the amount available in the house scoops, everything is thought out manufacturer. Also in the kitchen can include a set of spatulas.