Hand Blender Introduction


As a result, I have to provide you several reasons to fix your attention on the Products of Hand Blenders. Firstly, not just a Hand Blender we are looking for, also a useful Small kitchen Appliances with nozzles, Grater, Shape Blade and whisk. Secondly, it is necessary that this Kitchen Appliances Products does not take up much space at the kitchen table. Above all, it has a desirable attractive design.




Start a story about your new kitchen helper wants from that moment, because he was instrumental in the choice of the model. Firstly, the two bowls take up little space. Second, sharp items such as knives, blender and grinder reserved caps. In my opinion, it is very convenient, because you're not afraid an accidentally cut yourself.


Grater-shredder and knives are not stored separately and in a large bowl on a stand. Corolla fit in the glass, which closes the lid, and protects against dust in the case of nonuse.


Motor Unit


There is the rubber on the Motor Unit parts, so that, non-slip in hand when used. There is a power button on the device, run the buttons to switch speeds, High Speed and Low Speed.


Motor Unit must Apply for an overheat protection; otherwise, It is disable the motor engine when heated. I have this function still did not fire even once, because usually cook small portions.


Blender Parts


Blender has a very sharp knives combined. They are directed not only to the sides, as is usual, but down which allows obtaining a more homogeneous mass in the preparation of mashed potatoes. I use the Hand Blender cocktails from milk, berries and soft fruits, but I think that it is working perfected with the soup-puree and batters


Blade Unit


Knife-grinder uses a conventional two purposes: to produce minced meat and mixing the batter. With tests all clear and stuffing deserves special attention.


I love stuffing with vegetables. It used to cook it is milled separately vegetables, meat separately and then mixed together. In a Hand Blender, The Blade is stored on a special stand at the bottom and float. So, loaded vegetables at first, crushed, and then rented a grater and add to the bowl of the meat pieces. As a result, saves a lot of time. The blades are very sharp and can quickly cut the meat into small pieces and mix it with other Food.




Whisk is necessary to mix the powder cocktails for me. It also copes with beating eggs to a thick foam. Whisk is joined to the motor special connection block.


Plastic Bowl


This Stick Blender has a plastic beaker, which is closed by a cover. For ease of use and dispensing of ingredients on a label applied to every 200 ml. The bottom is not protected by anti-slip, so when mixing products, especially with the help of a blender, you need to hold it tight.




On the cover applied schematic drawings, in which an amount which products may be load at once. It's nice that a manufacturer care about the Consumer users.




The instructions found detailed instructions regarding the care of the appliance. Also, what is written in them, some of its elements can be washed and which is permitted only with a damp cloth on the last page, there is also a visual diagram? Unfortunately, the lid with a capacity to load the products can not be washed, although very desirable, since it sticks pieces products.