Electric Glass Kettle Reviews
Electric Glass Kettle Reviews

The most Remarkable thing about this Electric Glass Kettle is that it was made of heat-resistant glass.

It is interesting to observe the process of boiling water with the Blue LED Light.


Now, of course, everyone is used to this and already rarely pay attention to it. An interesting chip, but no more ... I can not say that without it we are straight nowhere and in any way.


Another Tips of this Glass kettle is the "keep warm" button.


If you press this button after boiling water, the kettle will maintain the appropriate temperature. If you turn on the "keep warm" function, the kettle will still heat it noiselessly to the desired temperature what you need, the Right Temperature to make tea or coffee, but it will not boil. However, the time for this process will go pretty well.


This function is very important for us now, when on weekends the husband falls asleep after a hard week of work, and the daughter wakes up early in the morning on schedule. Running with a kettle in the bathroom or on the balcony does not always have a desire, so if I get to wake up early


Press the Button "keep warm", I can drink a cup of coffee without much noise.


The In/Off Button is at the bottom side, which is not very convenient, because I often do my cooking and any other manipulation, far my reach to press this Button.


In the description of the kettle I promised an auto shutdown in the absence of water in the kettle ... I included it somehow just as unintentionally, when there was a couple of drops in it, so it was switched off automatically when the heating element had already warmed up and it came to him that it was, in fact, there is nothing. And it all happened with such unpleasant clicks that I already thought that it would be necessary to go for a new kettle, but this time it cost, and now I'm more attentive and try not to leave the kettle empty.


For me it is inconvenient. It would be better to ensure that the kettle does not turn on when the lid is not closed, otherwise turn it on, distract yourself to other matters, and it hovers until you pay attention to it.


Like all Kettle, this one has a filter from scale. Only we did not use this filter once, because we do not have scaling due to the fact that we installed a good water purification filter. For the entire service life, I never cleaned the kettle - there was no need. It should be noted that the filter does not fit tightly to the wall of the kettle, there is a gap somewhere in a couple of millimeters, so I doubt very much its usefulness when protecting cocoa-tea-coffee from scale particles if there were any.


In general, It is just a glass kettle.........